Training Camps

"Witnessing a thundering aggression pounding against the door of humanity in a world seemingly bent on a tromping path of chaos and violence, we have become both horrified and angered about what may await helpless children and passive men who fail to ready themselves for an uncertain future.  We train daily at BOONDOCK SURVIVAL® to prepare for those moments of darkness we hope will never come and commit ourselves to helping others do the same.

Our reason for being is to bring people of goodness together to learn and grow through meaningful challenge and training.  We strive to strengthen the shields and sharpen the spears of good souls in preservation of the rights to personal safety and free way of quality living. 

It is our belief that no good man should be denied the tools to protect his family, land, and country.  It is also our belief that no good and capable man should lie idle in ignorance of those who plot to destroy life and things of honest personal and public value...unless of course his ashes have already been scattered amongst the earth or he lie asleep beneath the ground."

Andrew Clough                                                                                                           BOONDOCK SURVIVAL®

Our Reason...